ASM- Siplace

SIPLACE SX: #1 Placement Solution for high-mix SMT production

The SIPLACE SX-Series puts scalability and flexibility at the top of the list. Users are able to introduce new products quickly, change setups without stopping the line and produce any batch size with high utilization and efficiency.

Whether in automotive, automation, medical, telecommunication or IT infrastructure – the SIPLACE SX-Series meets all requirements in terms of quality, process reliability and speed.

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Nathan Trotter

Solder: Simplified

Nathan Trotter solder is produced under strict quality procedures using high purity metals that are responsibly sourced through our direct network of mines and smelters around the world. The result is a solder that provides superior performance and the lowest possible dross rates.

FR811-SET Complete SMD Hot Air Rework System

A complete, economical SMD hot air rework system, including the HAKKO FR-811 hot air station, bottom heater, handpiece rework fixture, board holder and vision system.

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Despatch Industries has specialized in thermal processing for over 100 years and manufactures batch and continuous process ovens. Products include laboratory, cabinet, truck-in, clean room, sterilizing, burn-in, curing, drying, firing, annealing and heat treating ovens.